HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS Simolyn for a MASSIVE 90 in Your 1st and Last PTE Academic Exam Ever!

In her 4 weeks at the Institute, Simolyn was serious and 100% committed to her PTE exam. Her dedication to attend every class even after a full day’s work followed by an hour of travel was totally awe inspiring!

In this video, Simolyn share her thoughts, strategy, and tips on how she scored MASSIVE 90 in PTE Academic.

Remember, you are hearing from a lady who has ‘been there and done that’. She’s not talking any cute theory. She is telling you how she did it to inspire some of you to believe in yourself and achieve your best PTE score!

Simolyn and Mhelfred are now well and truly on their way to making their Australian Dreams a REALITY!!!

We are just blessed Mhelfred and her walked through our doors and trusted us with their PTE prep. We wish them the Very Best for an illustrious future…

Remember: You Too Can be a PTE Megastar.

If you also want to make your Dreams Come True, then make sure you Book your FREE PTE Trial Class at Sydney PTE Institute’s Parramatta or Liverpool campus.

All the Best for your PTE Score!

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