Hearty Congratulations to Satnam for achieving his target PTE score just 1 week before his Australian visa ended.

Satnam needed 50 overall in PTE Academic exam to qualify for his Temporary Resident (TR) visa. But, between his study, work, and training commitments, Satnam had not given as much priority to his PTE as he should have.

As a result, when he did start to focus on his PTE exam, he only had a couple of months before his Australian visa was to expire! This situation would stress even the best of us. And, Satnam was no different. So, each time he sat the PTE Academic test, he was stressed. This in turn ensured he was always a point or two less than his target score.

When Satnam trusted us to help, we only had a couple of weeks before he would have had to leave Australia. Imagine the stress on him! But, his grit, dedication, and commitment for the 1 week before his test are not something you see lying around. As for us, it was a delight and a pleasure working with Satnam.

In this video watch Satnam’s joy and relief as now not only can he remain in Australia as a Temporary Resident, but is able to prepare his Permanent Residency application on-shore.

Hearty Congratulations Satnam! All the Best for your P.R.!!!

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All the Best for your PTE Score!

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