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PTE Academic Scores

Congratulations for PTE Academic Scores!

Sydney PTE Institute heartily congratulates our learners on their very well deserved PTE Academic scores! Each of them has worked very hard to achieve success in their English test. We wish them every joy, abundance, and prosperity for their Australian Dream of a lifetime

PTE Academic Score Achievers


PTE Academic Score Reports


Anton 87, Italy
Erwin 72, Philippines
Karamdeep 61, India
Jasbir 60, India
Erion 54, Italy
Beverly 82, Philippines
John 59, Lebanon
Satnam 50, India
Simolyn 90, Philippines
Giecy 55, Philippines
Raheem 62, India
Rupali 78, India
Brian 35, Thailand

Sydney's Largest PTE Institute

Giridhar 49, India
Rinnu 61, India
Siddharth 90, India
Umer 73, Pakistan
Sanwal 90, India
Rahul 67, India
Sophie 68, Philippines
Mohammad 81, Bangladesh

Meet PTE Superstar Beverly!

Hearty Congratulations to PTE Superstar Beverly Plata for scoring a MASSIVE 82 overall in her very 1st PTE exam

Why Choose Sydney PTE Institute

Watch Jitaree (Head Tutor) explain how she and her team prepare Sydney PTE Institute's students to get their BEST PTE Score!

Do I Really Need PTE Coaching?

Watch Nitin (Registered Migration Agent) briefly state why taking PTE coaching may actually help you increase your visa application score.

Golden Rule No.1 for BEST PTE Score

Watch Gaurav (Director, Business) talk about when is the best time for you to really start preparing for your PTE preparation and exam.

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